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The file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" says that now the BIOMETRICA website contains 4162 htm-files, 651 pdf-files, 152 djvu-files, etc. And there are also descriptions of groups of specific files. In particular, on the methods of statistical analysis, their excellent results, reviews of the authors, books of these methods, statistics of the BIOMETRICA website traffic, etc. The following is a detailed explanation of the search for the desired files by the Google system, which is also placed there. And after the Google system, there are 341 popular htm addresses and 79 pdf addresses. So, in order to quickly select a specific file you need on this BIOMETRICA website, I recommend going to the file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" . You can view all the charts on this topic ...

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Our opportunities. About opportunities of statistical analysis
Leonov V.P. Errors of statistical analysis of biomedical data. International magazine of medical practice, 2007, issue 2, p. 19-35.
The list of scientific and educational publications on biometrics and statistics
Materials on science of science
Biometrics history
Statistical reviewing of articles and dissertations
Long farewell to a lysenkovshchina...
Seminar on biometrics in Krasnoyarsk

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BIOMETRICA - журнал для сторонников доказательной биологии и медицины

2017 - 1920 = 23 YEARS!


    The first articles of our website BIOMETRICS were published in 1997. Thus, in November, 2020 to our website 23 years are executed... Regular readers of our website sent us the congratulations what we are grateful to them for. Concerning the scheduled anniversary of the website we prepared the next article "We Compare Averages, as well as...", useful to readers . In it the advantage of comparison not only group averages, but also comparison and other parameters speaks to researchers in medicine and biology. In particular, comparisons of dispersions, check of normal distribution, comparison of correlation coefficients, regression coefficients or vectors of group averages, comparison of groups by multidimensional methods in which supervision are described by different signs, etc. Details of these new comparisons are followed by formulas, tables, schedules. Also speaks why lack of normal distribution means availability of interrelations of a sign with other signs. By tradition of the scheduled anniversary of our website, in two last articles also other very useful links are placed...

Compare Averages, and well as... V. Leonov

     To researchers in medicine and biology very big benefit is brought by comparison not only group averages, but also and other parameters. Such new comparisons are checks of equality of dispersions, correlation coefficients, regression coefficients or vectors of group averages, comparison of groups by multidimensional methods, etc. In article the great value of detection not of normal distribution of a sign is explained. It is shown that not normal distribution of a quantitative sign, means availability of interrelations of this sign with other signs. What is the major argument according to the formulation of the list of check of interrelations of the major signs of the conducted research. Specifics of other comparisons are well illustrated by different schedules, and also availability of the list of references from 98 books and articles useful to this subject. And more than a half of them have references to available these editions on the Internet. By tradition of the scheduled anniversary of our website, in two last articles also other very useful links are placed...

Percent - statistical analysis? Or percent - the arithmetic analysis? V. Leonov.

The following incident became motive to writing of this article. On April 11, 2016 I received here what letter.

Dear Vasily Petrovich!

             I am one of readers of your website "Biometrics" which found according to the reference placed on the
page C by a great interest having studied, in particular, the section "Cabinet of curiosities", I ask you a little unusual question on independent, informal reviewing of work...

P.S. The website is added with the PDF-file of the full version of this article.

SCIENCEMETRICS OF THE STATISTICAL PARADIGM OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOMEDICINE (ON MATERIALS OF PUBLICATIONS). V.P. Leonov. Bulletin of the Tomsk State University. Series "Mathematics. Cybernetics. Computing". в„– 275. April 2002, pp. 17-24.

Help Avetis!

Dear readers of the site BIOMETRICS! I appeal to You to help to Avetis Avetisyan, neurologist in Yerevan (Armenia). In the years 2015-16, my colleagues and I conducted a statistical analysis of the collected data...

Heart rejoices. Some of our cardiologists - world-best. Heard about the World congress of cardiologists?

Shramko Svetlana Vladimirovna's REVIEW, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology of DPO GIUV, Novokuznetsk, of cooperation with BIOMETRICS. "I express huge gratitude and gratitude to Leonov Vasily Petrovich and his colleagues - to staff of the BIOSTATISTICS center for effective and fruitful work.... In my opinion, the most valuable is the possibility of training in statistics, the offered format of communication allows not only to discuss the received results, but also together with it to develop, raise to the author of dissertation and to be improved to some extent. Having experience of writing of the master's thesis, understood - as methods of statistical processing of material which I own as a little I know are primitive!

REVIEW Harutyunyan MR, dentist, Saratov.
Hello, dear Vasily Petrovich! I want to thank you and your colleagues for his professionalism, personalized and attentive approach and high quality execution of the work! ... Prior to the cooperation with Vasily Petrovich, I tried to figure the statistical methods of analysis and read more than one direction. But the more I read, the more I realized that I do not understand anything. All my ideas about the statistical data processing included the calculation of averages, standard deviations and compared. I could not imagine that there are such interesting analysis methods such as cluster analysis, analysis of the conjugation tables, correlation analysis, logistic regression!

The statistics is what? The statistics - is necessary what for? Articles we read - what for? Articles we write - what for? A short version of the lectures for students and physicians in Yerevan, read in 2014 via Skype.

Examples of the excellent results of the statistical analysis in dissertations, degree works and articles obtained with our help.

D. S. Simankov. Application of the method of logistic regression for risk factors influencing the outcome of the operation in conditions of artificial blood circulation. (article)

Vladimir Polovinkin. Total mesorectumectomy factor of increase of efficiency of treatment srednetemperaturnogo and nijneangarsk colon cancer. (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical Sciences)

N. G. Veselovskaya. Clinical and prognostic value of epicardial obesity in patients at high cardiovascular risk. (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical Sciences)

O. J. Vasiltsev. Patterns of occurrence, clinical course and outcomes of pulmonary embolism according to the hospital register of pathology. (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of medical Sciences)

V. A. Gabyshev. The phytoplankton of large rivers of Yakutia and adjacent territories of Eastern Siberia. (thesis for the degree of doctor of biological Sciences)

M. I. Antonenko. Hypercortisolism, without specific clinical symptoms: epidemiology, clinic, diagnostics. (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences)

N. G. Veselovskaya. Predicting the risk of restenosis of coronary arteries after stenting in obese patients. (article)

Study of the Factors Influencing Mortality from the Cerebral Stroke in Patients of Different Ages.
Vazgen Martirosyan1 and Julia Krupskaya, Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery, Rostov State Medical University, Rostov-on-Don 344000, Russia. British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research, 3(4): 1530-1557, 2013.

Budnikova M. A. Analysis of the dynamics of the frequency and spectrum of abnormalities of mitosis, meiosis and productivity elements in allium cepa l., taken from Agropoli with different anthropogenic pressures ( Thesis )

I. A. Biryukov Scientific - practical work "Pharmacoeconomic studies of the retail market of the city of Omsk"

Bogdanova O. E. Study of the econometric parameters of availability pharmaceutical care for the population of the Omsk region (Thesis)

N. P. Garganeeva. Clinical and pathogenetic regularities of formation of psychosomatic correlations in diseases of the internal organs and borderline mental disorders (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences)

Popova G. A. Comparative study of the subspecies of LINUM USITATISSIMUM L . in conditions of Western Siberia (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of biological Sciences).

A. G. Sarcina. A retrospective analysis of efficacy and safety of thrombolytic therapy of acute myocardial infarction in patients of elderly and senile age (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences).

Rudakov A. N. Differentiated approach to prophylaxis of ulcers of the stomach and duodenum in patients with coronary heart disease who take aspirin (the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences)

Krivulina G. B. The Influence of Cycling training with different duration on endothelial dysfunction and risk factors of atherosclerosis in young men (abstract of thesis on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of medical Scien


Suturina L. V. Hypothalamic syndrome: the basic links of the pathogenesis, diagnosis, pathogenetic therapy and prognosis (author's abstract of dissertation for the degree of doctor of medical Sciences)

Berseneva A. Y. Study of intrapopulation variation of Calamagrostis obtusata in the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve.

The role of "low" doses of ionizing radiation in the development of non-cancer effects: hypothesis or reality? Bulletin of Siberian medicine, No. 2, 2005, pp. 63-70. Karpov A. B., Semenova Yu. V., , Takhauov R. M., Litvinenko T. M., Popov S. V., Leonov V. P.

V. Leonov. The purposes, opportunities, and problems of use of biostatistics in evidential medicine. The report at Conference on evidential medicine in Yerevan "From evidential medicine to evidential health care" (on September 24 - 26, 2015).

The photo report from Conference on evidential medicine in Yerevan.

The photo report from the seminar on biometrics in Yerevan which took place after conference on evidential medicine.

Responses of listeners of a seminar on biometrics in Yerevan in September, 2015.


Rostovtsev of A.A. Dissernet - an experimental naukometriya and sociology

Manufacturing in economy … dissertation. The Thesis about the largest to D

ate Intercollegiate Network fake dissertations.


Formal sociology of the academic dishonesty

Not to make mistakes in use and the description of statistics in articles and theses, it is necessary to read the materials provided in CABINET OF CURIOSITIES - a collection of theses and articles on medicine and biology, with a set of statistical errors and absurd.

Exposure 1  Exposure 2   Exposure 3   Exposure 4   Exposure 5    Exposure 6    Exposure 7   Exposure 8   Exposure 9   Exposure 10

RESPONSE of the correspondence graduate student of Omsk State medical university, doctor of the obstetrician-gynecologist of obstetric department of the Labytnangsky municipal hospital (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area) Kovalenko Marina Aleksandrovna.
I want to thank creators of the website BIOMETRICS, and personally Leonova V.P., for jointly the done work. I, as well as many practical doctors, consider that the statistics is something from area of a fantasy, somewhere near astronautics...

Korneeva N. V. RESPONSE, associate professor of DVGMU, Khabarovsk.
Hello! My name is Korneeva Natalya Vyacheslavovna, I am the associate professor of faculty therapy of DVGMU Khabarovsk. As well as it is necessary to the associate professor, I have degree of the candidate of medical sciences, the dissertation is defended in 2011. Working on the master's thesis, statistical data processing was the most difficult for me. Being trained in full-time postgraduate study, I attended 5 classes according to the statistics provided by the program of training of graduate students. Classes were given by whether the student of technical college, whether the young teacher who constantly looked in the abstract and could not understand an essence taught by it, especially also trained could not understand this essence. Applied value to the gained "knowledge", I did not find. (further...)"

REVIEW of the cardiologist M. V. Emelyanenko, FKU "Central Military Hospital of P. V. Mandryk" of MO Russian Federation, Moscow, of the carried-out statistical analysis.
I want to express deep gratitude for the high-quality and very volume work done by you on statistical analysis of my database. Undoubtedly, it would be desirable to express special gratitude to the project manager "BIOMETRICS" - to Vasily Petrovich Leonov. Reason of such gratitude following. In addition to the structured statistical analysis of the medical data sent to your address, you is detailed and that the most improbable, - an available image explained me an essence of each method which was applied in the analysis of my matrix. (further...)

New useful books according to the statistics...

V. V. Martirosyan, Yu.A. Dolgusheva. The analysis of influence of heliogeophysical and meteorological factors on strokes taking into account phases of a solar cycle. Rostov state medical university. - Rostov N / D.: Publishing house "Akademlit" (IP Kovtun S. A.) 2014 of 414 pages of ISBN 978-8-904067-03-8.

In the monograph results of profound statistical analysis of retrospective data from protocols of openings of the persons who died of brain strokes (1135 cases) in years high (2000-2002) and low (2008-2010) of solar activity on the example of Rostov-on-Don are brought and analyzed. The next maximum of solar activity observed now staticizes need of collecting, processing and judgment of the new scientific data promoting forecasting and development of preventive measures for decrease in diseases at the different groups of the population caused by magnetic storms when strengthening activity of the Sun. It is noted that in forming of vascular diseases of a brain cumulative influence of multiple risk factors is traced.

Order the book can be through publishing

Thomas A. Lang, Michelle Sesik. How to Report Statistics in Medicine. Annotated Guidelines for Authors, Editors, and Reviewers. Trans. from English. VP Leonova. 2016 - 480 p.
The relevance of this edition is very high. Still in biomedical articles and dissertations published by the mass of statistical nonsense, as examples of "statistical self-satisfaction" and "statistical make-up." For example, in the two theses, completed in 2014 and 2015. Altai Medical University in different specialties, but in a completely identical descriptions, consisting of 94 words, the following is written. "These data were statistically processed using Microsoft Offis Exel program 2007. The significance of differences between mean values ​​was determined by Student's t test of significance (t). Normal distribution in the groups was assessed by the Shapiro-Wilk ". Further reported on using the Mann-Whitney test, etc It is obvious that under Offis Exel authors implied Office Excel. It would be difficult to guess about it, if the authors wrote Offis Exul. Conclusion: Both of dissertation, as well as members of two dissertation councils, do not know much, including those described in this book. For example, do not know what is in Office Excel package no criteria Shapiro-Wilk and Mann-Whitney. This book teaches is right and good to describe and understand the results of the statistical analysis. Therefore, researchers have become more qualitatively perform statistical analysis, getting the right technology patient care. What the result will be to reduce the mortality rate, as well as the cost of treatment.

Aviva Petrie, Caroline Sabin. Medical Statisyics at a Glance. Tutorial. 3rd edition. Trans. from English. VP Leonova. 2015. - 216 p.

Previous editions of the original of this book was published in 2000, 2005 and 2009. The third edition of the book, like the previous two, is intended to convey to the reader the basic concepts and principles of medical statistics that are widely used by foreign doctors and biologists. The book contains the necessary theoretical part and in an accessible form gives a practical description of how the statistical methods in clinical trials may be used. The low level of use of statistics in the domestic medical science is one of the main reasons that has 111 years of the Nobel Prize in medicine are not awarded to Russians. The value of this book for medical science is defined and carried out in the Russian reform of Russian science, including reform of the VAC system and scientific evaluation. The manual is intended for students, graduate students and doctoral students of medical universities, biological faculties of universities, doctors, clinicians, researchers, and anyone who is in favor of evidence-based medicine..

Ashis Banerjee. Medical statistics made clear: an introduction to base concepts. Applied medicine publishing house, 2014. - 287 pages of the Lane from English V.P. Leonov.

The edition represents an introduction course by the principles of statistics. Basic concepts and the principles of statistical researches in relation to medicine are provided. Unlike the majority of similar editions, the specified subjects are stated briefly and well. Reading the book does not require knowledge of difficult sections of the higher mathematics, there is quite enough of what are given at school. Implementation in practice of the principles of evidential medicine dictates need of understanding of statistics. After acquaintance to the book the reader will be able critically to estimate the numerous publications containing statistical terminology and results of the described researches. The gained knowledge will help to avoid mistakes in planning of biomedical researches, and also in a statement of their results. As big advantage of the book serve the glossary and the detailed subject index.
For students, graduate students, scientists, and also doctors of all specialties.

Trisha Greenhalgh. The Basics of evidence-based medicine. Publisher "GEOTAR-Media", 2015. - 336 p. 4th edition revised and enlarged. Trans. from English. Ed. IN Denisova, KI Saytkulova, VP Leonova.

This book is the most popular in the world guide to evidence-based medicine, has become famous in Russia. The manual is intended for students and doctors. In the 18 years since the first edition in 1996, this book has been translated into eight languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Russian, French, Czech, Japanese) and printed in huge quantities. Management has won the recognition of practitioners, teachers and students in many countries; for it taught medicine based on the evidence in medical schools around the world. The book is 17 chapters, among which are the head of the "Statistics for the layman" This chapter, we have added a long list of Russian-language literature as at the statistics, and on biostatistics. A book begins with the definition of the term "evidence-based medicine". So, what is "evidence-based medicine"? What, what, and why "proof"? Read this book!

V.P. Leonov. Processing of experimental data on programmable microcalculators.

Study guide (Applied statistics for BZ-34, MK-52, MK-54, MK-56, MK-61). Tomsk, TSU publishing house, 1990, - 376 p.
    The monograph describes the methods of applied statistics for processing experimental data and 60 programs that implement them. In addition to methods for assessing the main statistical characteristics - mean, variance, etc. and correlation-regression analysis, the presentation of one-way and two-way ANOVA, as well as analysis of covariance is given. Several chapters are devoted to methods for testing hypotheses about vectors of means, discriminant analysis and the method of principal components.
    The use of methods and programs is illustrated by more than 100 problems with solutions from the fields of biology, medicine, botany, geology, semiconductor electronics, agriculture, economics, sociology, hydrometeorology, chemistry, psychology, etc.

The development of applied statistics and its role in the processing of experimental data.
Calculations on programmable microcalculators.
Descriptive statistics for sampled datasets.
Testing statistical hypotheses.
Analysis of the statistical relationship between qualitative variables.
Foundations of ANOVA.
Analysis of the relationship between quantitative variables (correlation analysis).
Study of the type of relationship between quantitative variables (linear regression analysis).
Nonlinear correlation and regression analysis.
Bivariate Normal Distribution.
Multiple linear correlation-regression analysis.
Fundamentals of Covariance Analysis.
Testing hypotheses about the vectors of means.
Study of observations by the method of discriminant analysis.
Application of the principal component analysis (PCA) to the analysis of observations.
Library of programs.
Application. List of State Standards for Applied Statistics.

How to increase quality of logistic regression. Leonov V.P.
In the next article about logistic regression the possibilities of use together with logistic regression not only the analysis of pair interrelations, but also and more difficult methods of multidimensional statistics are considered. In particular, cluster analysis, methods of matrix algebra, etc

Statistics in cardiology. 15 flyings later. Magazine "Medical technologies. Assessment and choice", 2014, No. 1, page 17-28. Leonov V.P.

Responses of readers of the overview "Statistics in cardiology. 15 flyings later". In November, 2013 our overview "Statistics in cardiology was published. 15 flyings later". For last half a year more than 20 readers of this overview sent us the responses according to it. Further fragments from two responses, and our comments are brought to them...



"Some mockery". The deputy Kalashnikov about problems of medicine and unwillingness of the Ministry of Health to recognize them.... It is necessary to reveal risk groups and people with predisposition. It is not expensive at all. This approach is known since the time of Semashko and is successfully implemented in Cuba taking now on quality of health care the 18th place in the WHO classification. Russia - on the 133rd. It while in Cuba per person health care it is financed 10 times less.

HAC for scientists? WAC or for ... scribblers? "Troitsky VariantВ» в„– 8 (127), 2013. Over 2 years have passed since the publication of this article, it read more than 29 thousand readers. "Plagiarism is detectable in the thesis is" foam "Dissertation business. Since the production of theses" custom "is much easier to simply copy fragments of some theses, inserting them into the regular custom dissertation. Manufacturers of such" goods "fabricate not only the thesis, but also a lot journal articles. The main causes of this business professor EV Balatsky described more in 2005 [1-2], outlining scenarios and eliminate it. One of the key reasons for the birth of this business are the changes to the Regulations HAC ".

UNESCO Science Report 2010

The government was accused of "genocide of the Russian people"

Balakshina NG, L. Koch, Leonov VP. Predicting the outcomes of surgical treatment of purulent inflammatory diseases of the uterus.

GOST R 50779.10-2000 "Statistical Methods. Probability and statistics basics. Terms and definitions", M .: State Standard of Russia.

Logistic regression - "top of the pyramid." And in the "foundation" - what? Leonov V.P.

Statistics verbal and mathematical statistics
"Top" and "foundation".
"Wash your hands before eating."
Many measurements - many equations. Few measurements - even more equations.
We simplify and complicate predictors.
The purpose defines the means.

In the three years that have passed since the publication on our website first 7 articles on logistic regression, they were read by about 15 thousand people. During this period, readers have sent many emails with questions about the relationship of the statistical analysis method with simpler methods. In our next article about logistic regression we just also discuss these aspects. On examples of the results of analysis of data collected by researchers from Kazakhstan, and a researcher from Chita, it shows that the total volume of the results, both in the logistic regression, and on more simple techniques necessary for an understanding of the results, make thousands of pages. Thus about half of them require multiple read ...

Fundamentals of cardiology. Principles, practice, statistics (1181 pages)

The last responses on the carried-out analysis of data

Nadinskaya M. Yu., MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Propedeutics First MGMU IMSechenov.
On site I met about 10 years ago, when Russia began to widely discuss the "evidence-based medicine." On this site of "evidence-based medicine" not only spoke, but also offered her "to do", conducting modern statistical analysis of research data. Some time ago I had the opportunity to participate in this process. Sent to its database and its description in accordance with the samples submitted to the site, and on the same day received an invitation via Skype to discuss the possibility of a statistical problem solving my research ...

LevashС‘va Svetlana Vladimirovna, a graduate student of the Bashkir State Medical University, Ufa.
We need competent and fast processing of the material for a dissertation? Do not even hesitate - go here! Before contacting the Center "Biostatistics" I have made an attempt to process the data collected by me (the practitioner statistics). As a result, got the results, the importance of which I have not been given a clear answer ...

Anna Korovkina, dentist, city Kaliningrad.
Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Because all read the reviews I knew that I would be the "first" from the profession of dentists. Introduction c Leonov Vasiliy Petrovich think happened not by chance, because I still can not stop in the writing of scientific papers. Website Biometrics has opened for me the limitless possibilities of statistical data and their introduction into clinical practice ...

VA Gabyshev, Institute of Biological Problems of the permafrost zone, Yakutsk.
While working on his doctoral dissertation, I gradually came to the conclusion that I needed to apply modern statistical methods. The material for their work collecting for many years, suffered a serious amount of data on floristic, coenotic composition of phytoplankton rivers of Eastern Siberia, on hydrochemistry and other parameters of the medium ...


Music... that's what it said about her great Johann Sebastian Bach: "the Aim of music is to touch hearts". In childhood the author of these lines received his musical education. Their favorite instruments were the mandolin and guitar. Favourite composers - Vivaldi, Bach, Albioni, Boccherini, Bellini, Corelli, Scarlatti. In the 80-ies of the last century in the Tomsk visited the concerts of Maestro Vladimir Spivakov. These concerts were organized by Yegor Ligachev, the former at that time first Secretary of the Tomsk regional party Committee. On their first concert in Tomsk Vladimir Spivakov came alone. Beautifully played the violin! The concert hall was filled with listeners who were thrilled with his concert. It was then that I was able for the first time to meet him and take his autographs on his records. In the future, attended all his concerts. In 1979 Vladimir Spivakov organized a chamber orchestra "virtuosos of Moscow". One day in the 90-ies Vladimir Spivakov had to come to Tomsk with the "Moscow Virtuosi", and within three days to give 3 concerts. However, due to problems with the fuel in those days, their plane landed in Omsk, where they stayed 2 days. And when he arrived in Tomsk, in one day we spent all 3 concerts that I have attended. And again took autographs on new records and made a lot of photos of Vladimir Spivakov.


February 13, 2014 Vladimir Spivakov and "virtuosos of Moscow" gave a concert in Krasnodar. I visited this wonderful concert, and met again with Vladimir Spivakov. Gave him his gramophone record, photographs, and a book.

Music... It always helps. That's why I send almost all my correspondents files with good music. Love music listen to it more often. And it will help you better understand biostatistic and the results of the statistical analysis...

Statistics in cardiology. 15 years later. Leonov V. P.

15 years ago, in 1998 in the journal "Cardiology" was published our paper on «Application of statistical methods in cardiology (on materials of the journal "Cardiology" over the 1993-1995)», it was analyzed 426 articles cardiac subjects. In the new review proanimirovany modern journal articles cardiology topics. Given the fact that currently in Russia the death rate from cardiovascular disease more than 4 times higher than in Europe, USA and Japan, an important task is to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of statistics in Russian cardiology. (The entire review in one file)

Armenian medical abstract journal

Application of statistical methods in cardiology (based on the journal "Cardiology" for 1993-1995.). Leonov VP Cardiology, 1998, в„– 1, p. 55-58.

Leonov V.P. Common problems statistics application in biomedicine, or wiser: DDPP or DPPD?

USING STATISTICS IN RUSSIAN biomedical literature. Grjibovski A.M. Human Ecology in 2008, в„–12, p. 55-64. National Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway. Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health in Arkhangelsk.

Hwang N.V.   Investigation of relationship between some parameters of value-semantic OF PERSONALITY AND ITS TIME PROSPECTS

An article in a foreign journal Yu Krupskaya (Rostov Medical University), for which we carried out a statistical analysis. Study of the Factors Influencing Mortality from the Cerebral Stroke in Patients of Different Ages.
Vazgen Martirosyan1 and Julia Krupskaya. Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery, Rostov State Medical University, Rostov-on-Don 344000, Russia

Original article "THE PROBABLE ERROR OF A MEAN" William Gosset (Student), who proposed the Student's t-test. Published in the journal BIOMETRIKA in 1908.

R. Hovhannisyan "Brilliance and poverty" PATRIOTIC MEDICAL SCIENCE". ... Is designed for post-graduate students with a scientific degree of the Board do not as described in the article, as well as it should, so as it should be .... We read in the medical thesis: "The thesis devoted to the clinical features of affective psychoses , the author presents the absurd figures:. 2,5 В± 2,4 (n = 2) and 1,7 В± 1,7 (n = 1) The author, has outdone himself, brings even more absurd statement: "... the number of patients was 14,9 В± 3,0 and 2,1 В± 1,2 ... "(?!). In this thesis, dedicated to epilepsy of the temporal region, the author points out that:" The confidence interval between the two groups was p <0,045 "(??!!)

New Reviews conducted by analyzing data

Hwang N.V., Almaty, Kazakhstan Dear dissertators! I want to share my experience of cooperation with the specialists of the Center "Biostatistics".

Grazhdankina D.V., Novosibirsk State Medical University, Novosibirsk. I work as an assistant of the Department of Endocrinology Medical University of Novosibirsk. The question of how and to whom to carry out a statistical analysis of the data for theses and articles on medicine, worried me quite a long time ...

Veselovskaya N.G., Cardiology Altay, Barnaul. I would like to share their impressions of the work of the center of Biostatistics. So this is not the first time my collaboration with the center. In 2006, an analysis was conducted of biostatistics center material that came into my master's thesis ...

Veselovskaya N.G. "Forecasting the risk of restenosis of coronary arteries following stenting in THEIR PATIENTS WITH OBESITY"

Poddubnaya O.A., MD, Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Physiotherapy and Health Resort Siberian State Medical University

Medyannikova I.V., MD, Ph.D., assistant Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Omsk State Medical Academy

Krupskaya Y.A. (Rostov-on-Don)

Chekmarev A.S., graduate student of dermatology, mycology and Cosmetology Academy of Postgraduate Education, member of the board of students of medical and pharmaceutical universities under the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia (Moscow)

Maksimov S.S., Senior Researcher Health Research Institute, Yakutsk

New reviews on distance education statistics

Safonova V.R., Khanty-Mansiysk gosmedakademiya, Department of Normal and Pathological Physiology

Vanintseva N.N. St. Petersburg

Burmistrov T.G., Laboratory of cardiac arrhythmias Centre of Cardiology, Minsk.

Karchevskaya K.V., Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, Penza

International conference on evidence-based medicine in Yerevan (18 - 20.10.2012)

In 2012, the 10th anniversary of the establishment of "Armenian Medical refereed journal." In connection with this date the chief editor AMRZH Ruben Hovhannisyan organized an international conference "Evidence-based medicine in Armenia: myth or reality?". The conference was held in Yerevan, 18-20.10.2012. Below are the materials of the conference.

Yerevan photo-biometrics. Photo-report press conference in Yerevan.
Yerevan Declaration  YEREVAN DECLARATION.
The conference program.   Evidence-based medicine in Armenia yesterday, today and tomorrow ...
Ruben Hovhannisyan.
Ethical and methodological bases for essential drugs programs. V.V. Vlasov. President of the Society evidence-based medicine experts.
Systematic reviews: a synthesis of trials or a trail of syntheses?
Zbysh Fedorovich (Zbis Fedorovicz).
The problem of the institutionalization of evidence-based medicine. Baschinskiy SE, Publisher Media Sphere Semiology, clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine. N.A. Zorin. The Moscow branch of SDMX.
Modern clinical publication: - publication standards - study design, - Institute of authorship - a conflict of interest.
K.P. Vorobyov Lugansk, Ukraine.
Methodology observational studies: the validity and generalizability of the results. Klimova T.M. Health Research Institute of the North-Eastern Federal University. M.K. Ammosova, Yakutsk.
Master Class. Zbysh Fedorovich (Zbis Fedorovicz)
Program of routine inspections: base the program of screening technology. E.N. Novichkova. Center for Evidence-Based Medicine, Department of Family Medicine of the MMA. I.M. Sechenov

The report "Why and how to teach medical statistics?" V. Leonov.

Why do we need statistics in evidence-based medicine? V. Leonov. Armenian Medical refereed journal, 2012, vol. 9, p. 184-193.

From the ideal model for clinical practice. Round table with sharp corners. N. Zorin. The Moscow branch of SDMX.
Conflicts of interest in medicine. Managing conflicts of interest using the principles of evidence-based medicine. Clinical decision-making based on the principles of evidence-based medicine: the ideal model and actual clinical practice. K.P. Vorobyov Lugansk, Ukraine.

Repeated our appeals for 10 years in various agencies (HAC, the Education Ministry, the presidential administration, etc.) finally bring results. "Higher education institutions will be obliged to publish on the Internet, and doctoral dissertations, theses". Strategic Initiatives Agency has agreed with our arguments and prepared these and other proposals for the reorganization of the national education and science of Russian President Vladimir Putin

ANSWER HAC RF Author Article

The most frequently visited exhibits Kunstkammer:
"The surface architectonics of peripheral blood erythrocytes of the mentally ill." The authors - a member of the expert council WAC, Academician Vladimir Novitsky, MD Ryazantsev NV, MD Semin IR Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk. Institute of Pharmacology, Tomsk Scientific Center of RAMS. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, Vol. 10, 2000, pp. 429-432.

Our capabilities. On the possibilities of statistical analysis of biomedical experimental data available to the Centre, "Biostatistics".

Statistical review of articles and theses

Evidential or doubtful? Medical science in Kuzbass: statistical aspects.
Evidence-based medicine and statistics.
BREVITY IS THE SOUL OF WIT? Or signs of Ignorance?

The entire review in one file

















The answer of the Head of Department of certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers of the Federal service for supervision in education and science N.And. Aristera to a letter addressed to the chair of the WAC. This response was sent to me 17.06.2011 and is a reaction of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on my letter, received the WAC 19.05.2011. As you can see, the answer to a personal appeal was given prior to the expiration of the statutory one-month period.

Appeal of Interregional public organization "Society of Specialists of Evidential Medicine" to VAK Russian Federation. Russian in tables and schemes. For school students and entrants.

RusDASL - Russian Information Library for studying biometrics and biostatistics. DASL (The Data and Story Library) - under such an abbreviation on the website of Carnegie Mellon University posted a known library of source statistics data from different branches of science. Now, a similar library is open on BIOMETRICA for russian Users.

Analysis of the conjugation of therapeutic features of complexes with the efficiency of the treatment of patients with chronic cholecystitis, combined with chronic opisthorchiasis. Poddubnaya O.A., Kozhemyakin A.M.

A new exhibit KUNSTKAMERA - Thesis "Analysis of polymorphism of genes of cardiovascular system and detoxification system in various age groups of St. Petersburg." Discussed the thesis is a shining example of the kind of dirty trick can play with the author of ignoring the problem of multiple comparisons in the statistical analysis of the data.

A new exhibit KUNSTKAMERA - Thesis "Evaluation of pro-arrhythmic factors in postinfarction systolic myocardial dysfunction and the effectiveness of their pharmacological correction", Kemerovo State Medical Academy, Kemerovo - 2004.

A new exhibit KUNSTKAMERA - Dissertation "Comparative characteristics of the cardiorespiratory system of sportsmen and persons who are not involved in sports, in a northern industrial city", Tyumen State University, Tyumen - 2006.

Yakut biometrics-2009

November 12-13, 2009, Yakutsk was held scientific-practical conference "The role of epidemiological and clinical studies in public health: planning, organization, implementation of results in practice", dedicated to the memory of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor VP Alekseeva. November 13 in the framework of the conference the "Biostatistics in Biology and Medicine" scientific-practical school. The participants listened to three presentations: "Errors statistical analysis of biomedical data," "Principles of statistical descriptions of biomedical publications" and "Concepts ROC-analysis". In the computer lab, students are trained to work in a statistical package with the construction procedures and comparing the ROC-curves. November 14 participants received advice on the use of biostatistics in the analysis of our experimental data.

V. Leonov. A long farewell to Lysenko.

Krasnoyarsk biometrics 2008 (28.01.2008 - 07.02.2008)
Preparations for the seminar in Krasnoyarsk was prolonged. December 22, 2006 I received an email from ... Photo report on biometrics seminar in Krasnoyarsk. As in other seminars on biometrics, his impressions of his students presented in small questionnaires. Based on these reviews, they consider it useful to participate in its work.

Seminars on biometrics.
Biostatistics Center organizes retreats for biometrics. Within 10 days of lectures and workshops on statistical package. Seminar in Krasnoyarsk (28.01.2008 - 07.02.2008), in the summer of 2007 in Yakutsk (28.05.2007 - 8.06.2007), a spring workshop in Yakutsk (18 - 28) 04. 2005, seminar in Irkutsk (12 - 16) 02.2002, Samara (19 - 24) 04.2004, Novokuznetsk (17 - 22) 05.2004), Khingansky reserve (25.09 -. 03.10) 2000. With proposals for the organization of seminars to contact the editor of the site (see E-mail at the bottom of the page).

WAC-2007: the new chairman and old problems. Who will win? (Abbreviated version of an article published in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" dated July 11, 2007)
Yakut biometrics-2007.

Photo report of the second workshop on biometrics in Yakutsk.

Impressions of participants of the second workshop on biometrics in Yakutsk.

Biometrics - 16 years! And that was before? Now what? Leonov V.P.
16 years ... Age considerable ... How did our website? And if it became popular?
Initially, our site has been divided into Doktor.Ru site, which was created in Khabarovsk. That looked like this section, for example, July 20, 2001. Since those years, speed of information transmission on the Internet was low, then in order to facilitate access to the biometrics we opened a "mirror" (copies) in cities such as Tomsk, Vladivostok, Moscow, Kiev. Later, when the site Doktor.Ru moved to Moscow, separate hosting biometrics in Tomsk was made. Over time, the need for a "mirror" site in other cities disappeared, and biometrics remained in Tomsk. Biometrics Readers in their letters often ask the question of what were the motives of this site? To talk a little bit about it, go back to 27 years ago, in the past.

Biometrics - 16 years! November 19, 2015 our site was 18 years since its inception. Over the past year there was a lot of communication with specialists in medicine and biology from different cities and countries. At their request, a series of articles on logistic regression was continued. It was also done a lot of work on the statistical analysis of the data collected by them ...

Leonov, V. P., Errors of statistical analysis of biomedical data. International journal of medical practice, 2007, vol. 2, pp. 19-35.

V.V. Nalimov. Tightrope Walker. Memories. "... Considering this subject, I proposed to introduce a new interdisciplinary specialization... In many foreign countries, this process started a long time ago. There have gained the right to exist such a profession as biometrics. But to realize this plan failed. Not supported ero rector, I. G. Petrovsky. Strongly opposed to him in the then Ministry of higher education. One of the senior employees of the Ministry angrily remarked: "what do we write in the diploma?" Strict regulation prevailed over everything and including on the structure of University education. "

V.V. Nalimov. In search of other meanings. "Our society lives soothingly - he's got shelter: the vast majority of it believes in the infallibility of science. Believes in its absolute objectivity. Believe as previously believed in the infallibility of religion and the omnipotence of magic. In our country every big decision is usually accompanied by a spell, sounding like this: "... the proposed solution scientifically". But whether science itself that ideal of science, which was formed around it? The science is becoming more scientific with the development of scientific and technical progress? "

Andrew J. Vickers. Parametric versus non-parametric statistics in the analysis of randomized trials with non-normally distributed data.

The program of calculation of Fisher's exact test (Fisher's Exact Test).
Russian language in diagrams and tables.

Cabinet of curiosities

One of my colleagues at Tomsk state University has long had a collection called "Predtecha". In it he collected various examples of delusional ideas, messages and sayings. Others collect a similar collection called "Absurdity". His collection of samples of statistical impropriety, and sometimes ignorance, we decided to call "curiosities".
Open exhibit hall of the journal "Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine." The contest for the epigraphs to this section.

New exhibit of the Cabinet of curiosities: Dissertation Poryvaevoy O. V., Barnaul, 2004 "...I Believe that the above-mentioned disadvantages are already more than enough to appeal to the higher attestation Commission of the Russian Federation with the offer on re-izucheniya this work in the expert Council of VAK.

The renovation of the Cabinet of curiosities - the thesis "the Content of micronutrients in schoolchildren of Surgut", "Organizational-methodical conditions and recreational activities of students of special medical group with a diagnosis of neurocirculatory dystonia", Surgut state University.

The program of EpiInfo version (version 3.3) with...

World Health Statistics 2008. Who. World health statistics, 2013.

Farewell, our idols...     I believe in Bach, and You?    Not only stats ...

"Scientific companions" 30 years later. Timur Shaov.

Ulumbekova G. E. Health care of Russia. What should be done. Scientific justification of "Strategy of development of health care of the Russian Federation till 2020".
Ulumbekova G. E. As the bill "About Bases of Protection of Public Health in the Russian Federation" answers health system calls.

Ulumbekova G. E. Pluses and risks of the new bill "About Obligatory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation".

On December 28, 2012 the Russian Prime Minister D. Medvedev approved as the Order No. 2580-r "Strategy of development of medical science in the Russian Federation till 2025". You can obtain the opinion of the president of Society of specialists of evidential medicine, professor V. Vlasov on this Strategy.
About health care problems. In Russia there takes place reform of health care. The chosen methods raise questions both in the environment of medical community, and among patients. Guzel Ulumbekova: Because of reform of health care mortality in Moscow grew for January-February, 2015 by 8,5%.

Leonov V.P. The experimental data on the programmable calculators
Leonov V.P. Introduction to the physics and technology of the element base of computers.
Leonov V.P. Introduction to the semiotics of information technology.

Francis Galton.

It has long wanted to get acquainted with medstatistiki? Start with these books!
Y.I. Khurgin. How to grasp the immensity.
Y.I. Khurgin. Yes, No, or can be.
Y.I. Khurgin. So what?
L.V. Tarasov. Laws of the surrounding world.
The phenomenon of a state of emergency. Book of Kolmogorov.
V. V. Nalimov. In search of other meanings.
V. V. Nalimov. Tightrope Walker.

Good book:

Basics of cardiology. Principles, Practices, Prospects


The founders of biometrics
Francis Galton
 Francis Galton

Вальтер Уэлдон
 Raphael Weldon

Карл Пирсон
Karl Pearson

Science Center for BIOSTATISTICS performs statistical analysis of experimental data for over 30 years. In its structure the researchers from Russia, USA, Israel, England, Canada and other countries. Our services are used by graduate students and doctoral students in medicine, biology, sociology, psychology, etc. (See on )

Example "Statistical Analysis Work Program" of the Investigator's database. V.P. Leonov ... In this case, the content of such "PROGRAMS ..." is determined by the 5 details given. ... In this example "PROGRAMS ..." there are 22 BLOCKS for specific analysis methods and graphs.

Customer feedback on the statistical analysis of data

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 - examples of customer design of their databases, descriptions of characteristics and databases, and descriptions of the research goal.

Application of statistics in articles and dissertations in medicine and biology. Part I. Description of methods of statistical analysis in articles and dissertations. International Journal of Medical Practice, 1998, vol. 4.  V.P. Leonov, P.V. Izhevsk.



Application of statistics in articles and dissertations in medicine and biology. Part IV. Scientometrics of the statistical paradigm of experimental biomedicine. International Journal of Medical Practice, 2002 issue. 3. Leonov V.P.


At my father, Leonov Petr Andreevich, the war killed 4 siblings. His eldest brother Ivan, was born in 1902 in Donbass, in the village of Sergeevo of Krasnoarmeisky district...

Interesting link

Logistic regression in medicine and biology. V. Leonov.

In a series of articles the bases of a method of logistic regression are covered. On numerous examples of the analysis of real data arrays specifics of use of this method are explained. The numerous equations of logistic regression and ROC curves received in the analysis of real data are given.

1. Logistic regression. Basic concepts and possibilities of a method.
2. Logistic regression. Analysis of arrays of big dimension.
3. Logistic regression. Examples of the analysis of real data.
4. Logistic regression and ROC analysis.
5. Features of logistic regression in obstetrics.
6. Features of logistic regression in psychiatry, psychology and sociology.
7. An example of use of logistic regression for calculation of the forecast of a result of operational treatment.
8. Logistic regression - "top of the pyramid." And in the "foundation" - what?
9. How to improve quality of logistic regression.

Kamchatka biometrics-2014. A seminar on biometrics in the Kamchatka scientific research institute of KamchatNIRO. (24.03.2014 - 3.04.2014).

Our training video movies on YouTube

The Kamchatka photo biometrics - 2014. The photo report from a seminar on biometrics in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Responses of listeners of a seminar on biometrics in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

The new structure of the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences on fight against a pseudo science is approved. The made decision the structure of the Commission increased from 46 to 59 people. And now from 19 new members of the commission 14 have a biological and medical profile. The made changes reflect those important processes which happen in the Russian science, and also transformation in threats from a pseudo science.... Now in the pseudoscientific market the medical charlatanism addressing, first of all, not the state, and directly citizens who pay for inefficient, and at times and dangerous "methods of treatment" dominates. The companies which advance these methods behave aggressively, apply effective PR technologies to forming in own favor of public opinion. As a result of such processing the people trusting to biomedical charlatans already made considerable electoral base that negatively influences adoption of the state decisions in the field of medicine and biotechnology.

P.S. The structure of the Commission included the famous specialists in evidential medicine MD V. V. Vlasov and k.b.n. N. N. Khromov-Borisov.

The appeal of the members of the Academy and professors of the wounds to the President of the Russian Federation. ... Russian fundamental science is experiencing a crisis from the beginning of 1990-ies, and not only because of the dire financial situation.

Petition to the Russian President V. V. Putin. Resignation of the Prime minister of the Russian Federation, D. A. Medvedev from a post.    Very important petition. Reaction of the president Putin V. V. will show that to him it is more important: trust to the people of Russia, signed this petition, or support of "United Russia" before elections of the State Duma.
As of 27.11.2016 petition about Medvedev's resignation signed already 287 thousand Russians...

The Russians are asked to send Putin's resignation Medvedev

The role of "small" doses of ionizing radiation in the development of non-oncological effects: hypothesis or reality? Bulletin of Siberian Medicine, No. 2, 2005, p. 63-70. Karpov A.B., Semenova Yu.V., Takhauov R.M., Litvinenko T.M., Popov S.V., Leonov V.P.

V. Leonov. Objectives, opportunities, and problems of using biostatistics in evidence-based medicine. Report at the Evidence-Based Medicine Conference in Yerevan "From Evidence-Based Medicine to Evidence-Based Health Care" (September 24 - 26, 2015).

Photo report from the seminar on biometrics in Yerevan, held after the conference on evidence-based medicine (September 24 - 26, 2015).

Feedback from attendees of the seminar on biometrics in Yerevan in September 2015

V. Leonov. Scientometric analysis of the statistical paradigm of experimental biomedicine (based on publications).

Researchers' reviews on statistical data analysis.

Statistics in cardiology. 15 years later. Journal "Medical technologies. Evaluation and choice", 2014, No. 1, p. 17-28. V.P. Leonov

Conference on evidential medicine in Yerevan "From evidential medicine to evidential health care", (on September 24 - 27, 2015).

Armenian association of specialists of evidential medicine

Scientific atheism

"The science resists to return to the Middle Ages"

«Science is opposed to return to the Middle Ages»


Instead, we must do the work of prayer. Who and why the United States has set a monument to atheism.
"Atheist believes that, instead of the church need to build a hospital. Atheist believes that instead of prayer we must do the work. Atheist strives for involvement in life and not to escape into death. He wants to win over the disease, eradication of poverty, the destruction of the war "

Frustration of an immune education system. Dissernet represents rectors of the Russian higher education institutions. The Disseropediya of the Russian Higher Education Institutions project announced recently Dissernety contains the low-perceptible Collections tab. So far in the first version of "Disseropediya" this section includes only one collection which is represented, however, to important: rectors (directors) of the Russian higher education institutions and some educational or academic organizations, and also their branches became its exhibits.

Rate on science. See distribution of the countries of the world on the amount of financing of researches and developments and the number of scientists in terms of 1 million population. Draw the corresponding conclusion for yourself and the management...

The file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" says that now the BIOMETRICA website contains 4162 htm-files, 651 pdf-files, 152 djvu-files, etc. And there are also descriptions of groups of specific files. In particular, on the methods of statistical analysis, their excellent results, reviews of the authors, books of these methods, statistics of the BIOMETRICA website traffic, etc. The following is a detailed explanation of the search for the desired files by the Google system, which is also placed there. And after the Google system, there are 341 popular htm addresses and 79 pdf addresses. So, in order to quickly select a specific file you need on this BIOMETRICA website, I recommend going to the file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" .

You can view all the charts on this topic ...

Arnold Tulokhonov: "In the country to science treat as category of the second grade".

Russia - the homeland of elephants.

Why Russia not of the USSR.
E. Alexandrova-Zorin. ... . Why modern Russia - not the USSR? The main question of socialism - a property question on factor of productions

The fantastic future without us.
Where its special way will give Russia.... in Russia now the state formulated absolutely other system of priorities. What in a priority there? Science

Superstate without energy. "... receipts in the budget of the Soviet Union from sale abroad fuel and energy goods and the electric power... during 1980-90 averaged 8-10 percent from all income of the country. At the same time... in pre-crisis 2013 the share of the oil and gas income in the budget of Russia made 50 percent. Since 2014 it begins to decrease: in the beginning to 48 percent, then, in 2015, to 47 percent. According to forecasts, in the following, 2016, it will make 43 percent.... the collapse of the oil market will mean a collapse for the economic, social and political system existing in modern Russia".

"Hybrid counterrevolution" took place. Nonexistent "holiday" with the real tears in the eyes. The capital and people in large quantities flee Russia: if in 2004 outflow of the capital made no more than $20-25 billion, then the last two years it approached figure in $150 billion. Promptly the Russian ruble depreciates: in the 2004th the dollar cost 29 rubles, today already more than 68; because of it the prices grow in shops and the standard of living of citizens falls...

Brothers on laziness
Labor productivity which on methodology of OECD is considered as GDP of the country divided into all working hours in Russia makes only $25,9 and lags behind all European countries. In Greece labor productivity - $36,2, on average on 28 European Union countries - $50, and in Germany and France about $60.

IF the DOLLAR GROWS, SO the RUBLE IN the COUNTRY DOES NOT WORK! Fault to all is the incorrect financial policy in the country: the investment credits the Russian banks give a minimum under 10-11% per annum, and the western banks - under 2-5% per annum. Here and result - all try to take the credits in the West! (i.e. in currency). (read further...)

Member of the Federation Council: "Science funding fell to the Congo level or Afghanistan" In the bill on the federal budget for 2016 only 0,3 percent of GDP are allocated for "civil" science". The great citizen of the world FrГ©dГ©ric Jolio-Curie told: "That country which does not develop science inevitably turns into a colony". What waits also for Russia...

UNESCO notes decrease in a contribution of Russia to world science. UNESCO after a five-year break published the report on science till 2030. Statistics for Russia worsened in comparison with the majority of the leading scientific countries in spite of the fact that many data are taken from official Russian sources.

What ruins the Russian science and as to fight against it. Georgy Georgiev, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, coordinator of the program of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Molecular and cellular biology". In this article the question why all these types of open science lag behind in our country is considered and that should be made for their progress.

"RUSSIA WITHOUT SCIENCE - the PIPE". On May 29, 2015 in Moscow there took place the third session of Conference of scientists. We publish several performances which sounded at this forum.

Georgy Bazykin. Neolysenkovshchina financed by the state. At decision making what is science and that - a pseudo science, the state should consult to scientists.

A. Markov. Results of scientific researches have to be open for all


Bad science-2011: about scandals in a scientific world

A HALF of OPEN SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINES was CALLED "GARBAGE"... The result was stunning: 157 magazines adopted obviously "rejected" articles to the publication, and about 80 of them did not even subject them to due check. Rejected article 98 of magazines, and the others by the present moment did not manage to make decisions.... "Magazines without quality control are destructive, especially for developing countries where government agencies and universities are filled by people with false scientific ranks"


Society of scientists

Сайт межрегионального общественного Движения за возрождение отечественной науки


The International Network of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment

The Journal of the American Medical Association — еженедельный международный медицинский журнал, издаваемый American Medical Association.

Журналы Lancet

Vlasov V. Factory under the golden roof. "... When dissernet touched medical theses [2], almost immediately among theses with heavy borrowings were dissertations made and protected in NTSSSH".

V. Vlasov SDMX and dissernet sat. The meeting was devoted to the quality of medical theses, especially in the light of data on plagiarism in them and, above all, as it turned out, a common practice of falsification and manipulation of data in medical dissertations.

Vasily Vlasov. "Our medical needs reforms". Fight for evidence at the beginning of the XXI century. Evidence-based medicine today.

Dissernet "scientometric evaluation of the quality of medical research / thesis" 06/05/2014

Universities of Russia will be obliged to publish diplomas in digital libraries

Reviews for abstracts and dissertations

Dissertation wars. As fight against plagiarism in theses moved from science to policy.

Vladimir Filippov. "Screw the nut - and the foam will go". Interview with the Chairman of WAC Vladimir Filippov.

The Case of the blood and lymph. "Dissernet" seriously engaged doctors

Evidence-based medicine: the history, evolution and role in medicine

V.V. Fadeev. Presentation of data in the original papers and statistical processing. Problems of Endocrinology - 2002 - T. 48, N 3. - pp 47 - 48.

Price shock: the dinner in the Kremlin costs 20 rubles 12 kopecks

"The question is not only about cars but also about the toilets". I have a meeting in the Prosecutor General's office visited the toilet — there is a heated Japanese toilets c remote control and instruction of the 16 items, like this bowl to use. It is 15 thousand dollars worth. Why is a toilet the Prosecutor's office is unclear. So the question is not only about cars but also about the toilets too

The Chamber has learned a terrible 70% of the state contracts concluded in the "gray area". In public procurement comes to anecdotal examples - brushes for toilet bowls and 12 thousand RUB. per share (municipality in St. Petersburg), furniture sets 4.4 million (MVD) and repair of toilets over 1.6 million (city of Krasnoyarsk).

Russia's level of technology lags behind developed countries for 50 years

Kolokoltsev proposed criminal liability for "lime" of the thesis.

Balatsky E. V. Dissertation trap

We do not produce
We are going to develop medicine and care about the health of the nation? We produce medical equipment per capita is 29 times less than the US, 17 times less than Germany, and medicines, respectively, 66 and 31 times less.

The poem of a lifetime.
Nina Kudryavtseva
The heart and soul in every line

Institutional conflicts in higher education

The text of the article "Rooter"

VAKovsky magazine has published nonsense, computer-generated



Институт проблем передачи информации РАН

Учебно-научный центр "Биоинформатика"
Educational-Scientific center "Bioinformatics"

Bulletin in defense of science

Интернет-портал интеллектуальной молодёжи

Source Code for Biology and Medicine

Zorin N. Author's resource.

После взрыва на СХК в 1993г. в Томске и Северске увеличилась частота рождения детей с пороками развития
Справочники, энциклопедии, глоссарии
 Enyukov I.S. Data analysis, time series forecasting, Data Mining.


Problems of statistical hypothesis testing. Dr. Tseitlin; firm CuBe Matrix GbR, Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Tseitlin; firm CuBe Matrix GbR, Hamburg, Germany,


Workshop on modern Russian language

Presentations to lectures
A. V. Rubanovich

Fundamentals of biostatistics

Nightmare Bonferroni

Introduction to meta-analysis

Prognostic efficacy of biomarkers

105 music for the soul ...

After many hours of working with numbers, statistical procedures and programs, you can listen to and download 105 songs and music .....

The file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" says that now the BIOMETRICA website contains 4162 htm-files, 651 pdf-files, 152 djvu-files, etc. And there are also descriptions of groups of specific files. In particular, on the methods of statistical analysis, their excellent results, reviews of the authors, books of these methods, statistics of the BIOMETRICA website traffic, etc. The following is a detailed explanation of the search for the desired files by the Google system, which is also placed there. And after the Google system, there are 341 popular htm addresses and 79 pdf addresses. So, in order to quickly select a specific file you need on this BIOMETRICA website, I recommend going to the file "Search for Methods or Results of Statistical Analysis" . You can view all the charts on this topic ...

Our address  Сайт БИОМЕТРИКА создан в 1997 г. В© Vasily Leonov

Example "STATISTICAL ANALYSIS WORK PROGRAM" of the Researcher's database

Why do you need statistics in evidence-based medicine?

Report "Why and How Should Physicians Be Teached in Statistics?" V. Leonov.